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Social Justice

The seventeenth century “slave of the slaves,” St. Peter Claver, dedicated his life to caring for the needs of slaves as they arrived in Cartagena from Africa. According to St. Peter Clever, social justice includes and prioritizes evangelization, a mission which flies in the face of Immanuel Kant’s argument that religion is basically resolvable into ethics.

Did God Change?

Those who struggle in the journey of seeking God, come up against what appears to be a God who changes. In the Christian faith, many seekers interpret the God of the Old Testament as being a different God in the New Testament.

Father Mike Schmitz explains that the God written about in the Old Testament focused on justice and then in the New Testament he shows us his mercy. To some readers of the Bible, it may seem like God changed, but the truth of the matter is much more profound.

Do We Deserve God’s Love?

Do you ever wonder how anyone could love you? Do you think you have to ‘earn’ love? Real love is not something that can be or needs to be earned. Love is that which is unconditional, i.e., there are no conditions under which it is withdrawn or considered undeserved. Few of us experienced unconditional love as we were growing up, and now we need to learn to receive that love from one who sees us a worthy of the gift above all gifts, Jesus Christ, who is an example of how much God loves us. We are loved because God is love and we have been made in His image.

Let’s listen to what Fr. Mike has to tell us regarding this question.


When we try to grasp for “a false sense of control” or fight against situations/emotions that we cannot change, this often leads to suffering. While there are certain situations or circumstances in life that are within our control, often there are times when we simply are unable to change the reality of a situation. Take a listen to some thoughts on the power of acceptance from Fr. Mike.


This site is was built and is run to facilitate seekers looking for answers about God, Christ, and the Catholic Church. Some of the seekers have no relationship with God; some were baptized but never learned about the faith they were baptized into; some have been Christians for many years but found something lacking and are looking for a deeper connection to the Christian faith in the Catholic Church; and some are brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the faith and the Church and desire to reconnect with their faith.